3 Days From Camp - Important Info for Attendees

Hi All,

We're 3 days away from the camp and we're busily preparing everything so everything will go smoothly. Here's what we need you to know:

1. Please enter the building on 59th between 10th and 11th. Bring your ID, they will be checking. You do NOT Need to print out your registration paperwork because you will be on the camp list.

2. Proceed up the stairs past the statue of John Jay - that is camp-central - we'll have coffee, bagels and juice up there.

3. Please arrive before 8:30am. This camp is an unconference, so we use the first hour to organize the sessions into the different tracks. If you're late then we lose the valuable time we could be using for sessions.

4. If you are planning to present, of course bring your laptop and whatever adapter you think you need that would work with a VGA projector cable. We'll have solid internet there so if you're demonstrating anything it probably doesn't need to be on your laptop

5. We have an extra room that we can use for BoF's, sprints, mentoring - please consider promoting the session you'd like to hold in advance of the camp

6. Our Twitter handle is #DCNYC17 for the camp and our Facebook page can be found at https://www.facebook.com/Drupalcampnyc/ please consider promoting the camp on social media in advance, as well as to post plenty of pictures while you're at the camp this year.

7. The camp's after party will be at the Emerald Inn (250 West 72nd Street), an easy walk from John Jay College. The Emerald Inn is also just a half block away from the 1,2,3 trains. Consider joining everyone for drinks and even dinner. Please note that this is not a sponsored party.

8. We will be contacting volunteers about their shifts in a separate email. If you have time to volunteer either Friday afternoon between 3-5pm to load-in stuff at JJC, OR if you can get to the camp venue Saturday morning by 7:30am then please use the contact form on this site to let us know. Thanks in advance!

9. A reminder that there is no day-of registration for the camp. We already have over 100 people registered but we can definitely accommodate more people. If any of your friends or colleagues want to come, tell them that registration is closing Friday at 2pm so they should register ASAP.

That is all. Let us know if we have missed anything. We'll continue to post more information on this site over the next couple of days so keep checking back.


DCNYC17 planning committee