DCNYC18 will be a full-day Drupal unconference, Drupal Ladders, and Drupal sprint event. Never been to an unconference? Here’s the gist.

All skill levels are welcome at DCNYC18. The content is determined by attendees at the beginning of the day, but you can expect to find sessions and conversations on topics ranging from the most basic to advanced.

We are planning for:

  • Morning coffee, bagels and a schmear! (hey, it wouldn't be a NYC camp without these things!)
  • Beginning Drupal 8 training
  • A Drupal Ladder/mentoring room, where you can get your environment set up and learn to code for Drupal
  • Drupal 8 codesprints
  • A Coder’s Lounge for hacking your projects and working with other Drupalists
  • Sessions all day, picked by us all and presented by drupalists among us or collaboratively in BoF format.


Statue of John Jay