Whats Going on with DrupalcampNYC2020?


We are at the very beginning of the DrualCampNYC 2020 organizing process. This year, we are determined to join forces and organize the great Drupal Camp NYC. 
Because we are at the beginning of the process it is a good opportunity for you to be involved from the start. 
We need help from anyone who wants to be engaged in different Camp categories and activities.

The first kickoff meeting was held on January 28th and we had our second meeting on February 18th. Next meeting is scheduled for March 10th

We are discussing topics like

  • Venue and date
  • Conference type/ format
  • Sponsors
  • Website/ content
  • Volunteers
  • Social media strategy
  • Coffee/ food/ drinks
  • Photo/ Video/ Audio
  • Promotion materials

Do you want to get involved?
Drop us a line here