Whats Going on with DrupalcampNYC2018?

We've had a bit of a perfect storm this year that has thwarted our chances of putting on a camp. Here's what has happened:

1. The venue jacked up the pricing 30% - we could have paid it but that would have pushed us hard to get more sponsorship dollars, which is not that easy to do

2. The Drupal Association has changed its relationship with camp organizations around the World. We are working through this with the DA, but we may be required to provide our own insurance, legal signatures, and banking going forward

Throughout this process, it also became evident that I've taken on a big load in organizing this annual unconference these years, so as we get past these hurdles, I'm also working to find ways to institutionalize this annual event better among trusted NYC Drupal organizers. We'll be working on that in the coming weeks.

Any questions, or if you have ideas about venues or how you can help, please feel free to post a message on our contact form.

Thanks, -Joe Bachana