The Drupal community in New York City reflects all that we value about our city and open source software. Our city is richly diverse. Our neighbors represent every continent around the world, and perhaps every country. Wherever you are from, whatever else may be your passion, your culture, or your history, if you are curious about or expert in creating digital experiences with Drupal we welcome you to DrupalCampNYC. We want to share with you our enthusiasm for this software and share with you this collaborative, creative community of designers and developers.

Shawn Duncan, Chair


Want to do good? DrupalCampNYC is 100% volunteer-driven. We would absolutely love your help. Every skill is welcome.

Please review open roles and their responsibilities and email to get involved!

Meet our existing organizers and volunteers.

Spread the word

Good at getting the word out?

  • Post where appropriate online and offline
  • Post on social media #DrupalCampNYC
  • Mention the event at other meetups
  • Let others in your company know

Mentors needed

Got skills? Did you always have them or did others teach and mentor you? Pay it forward by mentoring:

  • A new speaker
  • Those new to contributing during our Contribution Day

Please email to get involved as a mentor!


DrupalNYC Incorporated is a New York nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to supporting the Drupal community within the City of New York to both share knowledge about and collaborate in the development of Drupal. The corporation serves as an umbrella, currently supporting DrupalCampNYC and the monthly DrupalNYC meetups -- the NYC Drupal User Group (DUG). Learn more at

DrupalNYC Meetups

We meet monthly in NYC (or virtually as circumstances require) and share about building and using Drupal sites and contributing back to the Drupal project.

All are welcome to attend the DrupalNYC meetups. At each meetup, there will be one or more lightning talks and presentations as well as an opportunity for any new or old Drupalers to ask Drupal questions and get answers, socialize, and network. Please join us!

Drupal Association

“Come for the Software, Stay for the Community”

The Drupal Association (DA) is dedicated to fostering and supporting the Drupal software project, the community and its growth. The DA helps the Drupal community with funding, infrastructure, education, promotion, distribution, and online collaboration at

The work of the Drupal Association is funded by you, the Drupal Community.

We encourage all attendees of DrupalCampNYC 2021 to become members of the Drupal Association so the DA can continue their critical work that benefits us all.